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Mailing Address

CP 228
1211 Geneva 19


Telephone, Fax and E-mail

Tel: +41 22 791 80 50
Fax: +41 22 798 85 31

E-mail: south(at)southcentre.int


How to get there

17-19 chemin du Champ d’Anier
1209 Petit Saconnex, Geneva

By Bus – Take Bus No. 3 from the main train station (Gare Cornavin) going in the direction of GARDIOL. The bus stop where you should get off is called Colladon. Once you get off the bus, walk forward (about 30 meters from the bus stop) until you see the entrance to the building “Centre d’Administratif” with the address “Chemin du Champ d’Anier 17-19” to your right. The South Centre office is on the second floor.